Why Likewise?

When considering titles of books, sometimes they are understandably linked to the content of the book, or will even give you an idea of what you’re about to read before even reading. Other times, the title seems so far-fetched from what you’re reading that you really wonder why it’s been given the title.

For likewise, the story can be explained quite easily: Ariel was at work at the Berkley Cinema, and as she was working her comic, writing about attending a party with Darrek, she decided to write a poem. She wrote the word “elsewhere” as the ending, which then got her to consider other words she uses often. After thinking, she wrote down “likewise”. She then circled that word many times and said to herself, “this is a moment of glory!” (Schrag, 2009, p. 292-293). This was an important realization for Ariel.



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