The Stylistic Ways

This source of media is an interview with Ariel Schrag about the writing of Likewise and it refers more to the technical aspects of Ariel’s writing of her graphic novel. She explains why she uses three different styles in her graphic novel and how she recorded her consciousness narrative; through typing on the computer, where the graphics were made by ink wash and the words that are in the text boxes; the information she gathered through writing in her journals were shown as loose drawings and scrawled writing; while information that was gathered through a tape recorder have no narration and the dialogue that is written is in square boxes, while the graphics are black and white. I think this is helpful to understand where she’s at in her life. The journal writings and graphics, to me, seem more real than those that were made on the computer or through a tape recorder. It feels that the journal is more of a connection to the writer in how the reader was feeling at the time. The journal can be written at the moment of the situation, while when someone is using a tape recorder or typing on the computer, when turning it into a graphic novel, it is retrieved at a later time. I think the way she did the journal writing was executed excellently.



1 thought on “The Stylistic Ways”

  1. It’s interesting that while using all her forms of collecting her data, she persistently shows herself doing those forms in her drawings. For example, you see her typing on the computer and she changes the way the font is form that, or you see her speaking to the recorder and even the layout of the page changes when she’s doing that. Another thing is that she uses her flashbacks a lot and is very particular with those by not using any solid black.
    Here’s a link that talks about other ways to present flashbacks


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