The Structure of Comics

Likewise was a book that was relatively easy to follow in terms of structure.  It was divided into three parts, with chapters to separate events (like most books). The fact that it was a comic could appeal to those who aren’t particularly into reading long chapters at a time. However, there would be times where it was hard to follow along, as the narrative would jump from one event to another without warning, or apparent correlation. It was at times, hard to tell if a certain scene was a flashback or the present.

I had never read a comic book before, so I found it to be a bit confusing and difficult in general.  This was mainly due to the fact that I had to read the dialogue, and then look at the pictures to understand what was going on in that particular scene as oppose to reading just the words and having my imagination fill in the rest. Again, this might just be a “me” problem because I had never read a comic book before, but I was most definitely not used to the writing style, artwork, and overall layout.



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