Likewise, Indeed.

The main thing I really took out of this book was this idea that it’s okay to experiment and find out what you like and don’t like- on all aspects of life. This book really portrayed the idea that your teenage years are for making mistakes and getting in trouble, and be young – being stupid at times. Go to a strip club, to that party, have sex, fall in love, find that little pocket of warmth that keeps you warm no matter what it is (like writing a graphic novel about your high school experience). Whatever it is, no matte how big or small- hold on to it.



3 thoughts on “Likewise, Indeed.”

  1. YOU WILD GIRL. It definitely is important to make memories that can be valued in the future. I think there are definitely many other types of literature and media that reflect on this. A good example would be Miley Cyrus. She broke out of that stigma that she needs to hold a sort of maturity at all times, and now enjoys her life to it’s fullest. Here’s a song by her that might be a good example:


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