Likewise in cultural context

Towards the beginning of the book, Ariel and her friend Harriet were walking to their friend’s house and began talking about “It”. Once they got to their friend’s house, the large group of friends continued to discuss “It”. “It” is a definition that is almost synonymous to cool or interesting. The friends continue by listing traits of It and who possibly has It (Schrag, 2009, p. 22-36). Throughout the book, Ariel talks about events where she encounters people or things that she (or even Sally) would consider It. This term that Ariel and her friends created influenced Ariel’s perspective.



1 thought on “Likewise in cultural context”

  1. The “It” factor is one that is often difficult to understand or describe, but one thing is clear, some people have “It” and some don’t. These character trait allows people to draw closer to those that have the “It” factor and propel them in the social construct set in high school. This link tries to describe what that factor is and how we can use it.



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