Images and Colors

Schrag’s drawing style really came through in her comic “Likewise” and has strikingly transformed and improved compared to her previous artworks. The use of different prints to scrawl and the changes of panels from write to gray which helps to portray and reflect the emotions and feelings in her life.

There’s also a meta-comic dimension here, as the artist confesses to “all the lies” in her previous volumes and confuses masturbatory fantasies with reality. The thickness of the strokes helps to give volume and dimensions to the arts, which gives the readers a sense of emotions and feelings while reading the stories.


1 thought on “Images and Colors”

  1. I wonder if there would have been a big change in the success of the comic book if she had considered to apply at least a little colour to her content, rather than just the book. I know when I first looked at the cover of the book, I assumed it would all be bright and eccentric, which was a disappointing surprise when I received the book and it was just a short spectrum of black, grey, and white. Here’s a link to a comparison between black and white comics vs. coloured comics.


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