How the Memoir Relates to Me

This book for me was very relatable. Not only was Ariel relatable but her struggles and the themes in the book were easy to relate to. I feel that everyone has issues they go through when they are in high school. Whether this be things like insecurities, trying to find yourself or feuds with other people, there is always some sort of struggle faced in high school. The character Ariel faces the conflict with herself which is trying to figure out who she is. This is something that I myself struggled with for my whole high school experience. It was a constant back and forth about what did I really want for myself and what would make me most happy. Like Ariel, I struggles with insecurities about who I was. She let someone she liked make her feel insecure about herself which is also relatable. She may have had some weirder and crazier experiences compared to mine but I still as though I can relate to her. Ariel was able to showcase her crazy high school experiences in this graphic novel while still making herself relatable. This is something admirable and I appreciated the opportunity to be able to read about her experiences and think back to when I was in high school. It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one who struggled with herself in high school. Her high school life is a coming of age story and made me see how mine is one too.



1 thought on “How the Memoir Relates to Me”

  1. I feel it was important for Ariel to tell her story as she was able to connect with many people. Her struggles with finding her identity is one that many teens deal with in high school, and this allows the reader to connect with her on a personal level. This link shows the different cliques that are usually found in high school and ow individuals try to find themselves by choosing how hey hang out with.



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