Book Review by Kirk Us Reviews

This book review looks at all the highs this book had. The reviewer gives a detailed summary of the story for other readers to take interest in it. She says it was an epic read because of all that was added to it. She described it as being “her best work yet” and that it is the perfect last installment for the series.

I agree with this review because I really do think this was a crazy and epic read. The author put a lot into it but also allowed the reader to understand it and feel like they are experiencing this with the main character.



2 thoughts on “Book Review by Kirk Us Reviews”

  1. I agree that Ariel put a lot of work into this last book of her high school career. Being her senior year, there was a lot going on. She figured out who she was in some terms, but still had a lot to learn. She was able to put it all out on the table during this comic.
    Goodreads is my favourite book review site, and it includes reviews not just from other authors, but also from other readers in the community. Using Goodreads, you’re able to connect with others and see how they viewed the book through as star review, and a through their own review of the book.


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