Ariel’s Firsts

In this interview, Ariel shares why she decided to share so much about her life, and why she was so graphic, and not even just in her Likewise book but also in her other books. She wanted to share her experiences of her firsts, such as her first time doing sexual things, her first time getting drunk and doing drugs. Even at 35, her thoughts towards her comic series is not regretful – she is proud of what she wrote. She explains how she doesn’t regret writing about her experiences, because she wanted to share everything. It was exciting as a teenager for her, and this was her outlet to share her experiences and to see how people would respond to her firsts of her life.



3 thoughts on “Ariel’s Firsts”

  1. I feel like I would be proud of something like that as well. Of having documented my life in such a grand way to remember the nostalgic things in my life, like my “firsts”. Here’s a youtuber that I love named Louis. He’s a travel blogger, and essentially he travels around the world and vlogs his adventures for himself to look back on. I think this is something I’d love to do as well.
    Here’s his You-Tube page!



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