An Interview – Graphic Novel Reporter

  • This is an interview Ariel did to help get a better understanding of why she wrote Likewise and where it all started
  • She thinks that through reading the Likewise series, you’ll think of her and her life as crazy.
  • She mentions how different she is from that person she was in high school
  • She discusses her obsessive personality and how she became obsessed with things very easily

Ariel started writing this series when she was in high school. Every summer after every year in school she would write about the craziness of the school year. Likewise was the end of the series and gave closure to the readers who were with her from the start



1 thought on “An Interview – Graphic Novel Reporter”

  1. Ariel Schrag’s personality clearly comes throughout the graphic novel and we are able to peer into her personal character through the comic. This is a book reading of Ariel’s book Adam, and we can see excitement and exuberence throughout the clip.



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