The “High School” Life – Jeane Liemor

In her comic, “Likewise: The High School Comic Chronicles”, Ariel Schrag describes her high-school life through the expressions of self-doubts, confusion, habitual masturbation, views of the world, homosexuality, and her curiosity about her life in general. It is hard not to relate to her “high-school life” as most of us went through the same cycle. Schrag’s visual style is very simple and yet eye-catching as it effectively delivers the message of adolescence and youth. Her struggles through adulthood seems overwhelmingly inevitable as she portrays them in her comic.

After reading her comic, I was able to be brought back to my high-school life and the strugglers that I was facing. It was filled with confusion, pressures, chaotic-thoughts, and most importantly judgements. I was trying to so hard to figure out my real identity and separate it from the identity that the high school community has given to me. It was close to impossible. Going through puberty and trying to deal with peer pressures all around me was just inevitably out of control.

I found this TedTalk Video that talks about the identity. Is it given or created? It can sometimes be confusing for teenagers to find out who they really are due to the overwhelming amount of opinions and judgements coming their way that their identities might get lost in the way.


Youtube:  TedTalk- Is our identity given or created?

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Jeane Liemor




1 thought on “The “High School” Life – Jeane Liemor”

  1. This is really true in ways that high school is so hard to go through to begin with, but when your having an “identity issue” it’s even harder. It’s hard to find yourself, especially when you have to deal with the many pressures from society in high school. It’s also true that even the environment can influence who you are.
    I found this link that explains where teenagers find their identities, and one of the main points they talk about is how their idenitty is part of their biology.


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